God of Wrath

Exodus 32 "The Colden Calf"

As Moses was in councel with God on the top of Mount Sinai, he had been away from the Israelites for 40 days & nights. The Israelites at the mountains base grew anxious and questioned Aaron saying how Moses had left them alone to go up the mountain to God and they were abandoned. As they cried to Aaron they asked that he make them their own false idol's for they do not know what has happened to Moses.

It is odd that Aaron did as they asked, he had them take off all of their gold and melted it into a golden Calf. Now the way that Aaron did this is not in a way that he was compromising God, as he is the prophet of Moses, who is in God's stead among the Israelites. Aaron would not have given in to worshipping or desiring a false God as a prophet and speaker of God. Throughout the travels in wilderness after being free'd from Egypt the Israelites have time and time again shown to complain against God about their troubles and shown to be "stiff-necked" in their faith. It causes me to believe that Aaron and much of the wiser leaders are aware of this behavior of most of the Israelites, and so Aaron did as they requested and left them to the ruin of their sin.

As Moses came down from the mountain God warned him that the people had sinned in molding a false Idol for themselves and that Moses should leave as his wrath prepared against them all. Moses pleaded against that for God's character that the Egyptians would say He had free'd them only to destroy them, and to remember his promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. Moses pleaded to God for his own character and not for the sake of the Israelites, who were stiff-necked, but the concern was chiefly for the glory of God that his will and promise would be carried out.

After God's wrath was abided, Moses descended to find the Israel's dancing and singing to the Golden Calf. In his fury he broke the tablets and assembled those who stood under sin but under God, and had them go into their brothers and their neighbhors tents and strike with the sword all who were wicked.

In God's place Moses stroke down those who sinned against God, their very deliverer from the bondage of slavery, who parted the ocean and defeated Pharoah, who provided water and bread to them in the wilderness, all for the people who turned against Him and worshipped an idol of gold. In this very way the wrath of God is righteous and justified for there are none who “disbelieve” God rather those who hate him and His name. The sinner is not one who does not know of but one who deny's God.